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Pain advice

Understand your pain and ways to manage it

Back pain
Get the low down on low back pain
Do you suffer from lower back pain? If your sore back affects your ability to enjoy life and get your work done, you’re not alone. Low back pain is a very common problem that affects 4 out of 5 Australians at some time. Symptoms can vary from a dull ache to shooting pains or spasms in your lower back muscles, or your middle or upper back.
How are headaches and dehydration related?
There are many different factors that can cause a headache. Here we are going to discuss how dehydration can be a cause.
Body pain
Recovering from a sports injury
If you have suffered a minor sports-related injury such as a sprain or a torn ligament, as a result of physical activity, there are a number of measures that can help you get on with your life as quickly as possible.
Eat your way to pain relief
Everyone loves to eat, but did you know there are certain foods that can fight inflammation and ease pain? That’s because these foods have naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties.
Dental pain
Wisdom teeth pain
Just when we think the growing pains are over, we’re gifted one last surprise. Wisdom teeth are the last teeth to grow. However, some of us have wisdom teeth that come in at angles or crowd the jaw. This can cause acute pain and some people have their wisdom teeth removed as a result.
The effect of sleep on headaches
Sleep is an essential part of our everyday lives and one of our most basic human needs. During the time while we are asleep, our brains are very active. It is a time when they are able to rejuvenate, consolidate memories and sort through a whole days’ worth of information ready to start again in the morning.
Sinus pressure and headache
Sinus pain and pressure can make you feel unwell. You might feel pain around your sinus area, but you may also feel like there is pressure around your whole head region. You may feel pressure or fullness around your eyes, cheeks and forehead. 
Body pain
How to treat osteoarthritis joint pain
Over 2.2 million Australians suffer from osteoarthritis, a condition that can be painful, restrictive and debilitating for many.
Body pain
Sprains and strains are an everyday injury
If you’ve ever exercised, chances are you’ve had a strain or sprain at some time or another. They’re the most common type of sports injury, but they can also occur during everyday activities when muscles are injured during activities such as work, housework and gardening.
Body pain
Why your joints can be a pain
Joint pain affects all of us at some time, particularly as we get older. You have hundreds of joints in your body designed to give you support and help you move with ease. But if your joints have been damaged by an injury or disease, it can cause aches and pains that affect your ability to move around normally. 
Coping with stress
Stress – thousands of people suffer from it. But the reasons people get stressed vary enormously, for example moving house, losing a loved one, starting a new job, worrying about a deadline… they all can have an effect.
Why You Shouldn't Exceed The Recommended Dose Of a Medicine
The answers to these questions provide what is known as the “therapeutic window” of each drug. That is the dose range of which the drug is both effective and relatively free of side effects.